Anonymous asked:
hey jasper what is a demighoul? i thought it was just a pun on demigirl? i'm not implying you're a demigirl i just. assumed it was a pun

nope!!! fun times here we go

a demi-ghoul is a subspecies of the monster ghoul. it is a sustained transitory state between mortal and ghoul. theyre created when a vampire allows a mortal to drink their blood. the now demi-ghoul is now the vampires minion, and can control the ghoul as they please. the demi-ghoul keeps the intelligence, human form, and the ability to go into sunlight, unlike normal ghouls. the demi-ghoul must also drink their masters blood every week- 2 weeks, or they begin the transition into full ghoul, which is apparently very painful. most vampires dont want this happening though or they lose a servant. demi-ghouls also are said to have a telepathic link with their masters. they also dont eat humans, like full ghouls do. they prefer to eat insects and small animals and rarely seek out human flesh, dead or not.